20 May 2024

JC Rodgers Management Consulting

As a Management Consultant, JC Rodgers provides her clients with indispensable advice and growth strategies. Analyzing from the outside-in, Rodgers’s primary goal is to assist her clients in pivotal decisions.

JC Rodgers is a Management Consultant who operates as a Manager of Ernst & Young.  Rodgers largely assists the growth of companies in the transportation sectors.  Much like her work in the nonprofit sector, her management consulting approaches focus on sustainable strategies that translate into long term growth.  Relying on her analytical skills and technical ability with databases, and her previous experience in managerial roles, Rodgers provides her clients with crucial recommendations.

Ernst & Young 

For years, JC Rodgers has worked with her clients via the respected consulting firm, Ernst & Young (EY).  Operating multinationally, EY connects seasoned professionals with ambitious leaders around the world.  Services offered by EY include:Growth-skills

  • Consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Financial Services
  • Digital Strategy and Transformation

A naturally fit for JC Rodgers, the Ernst & Young approach to consulting focuses heavily on long term growth.  Aiding their clients through pivotal transitions within their respective industries, EY sets emphasis on the present and the future.  Dedicated to fostering approaches that continue to evolve and adapt, EY’s brand of consulting assists ventures in embracing inventive ideas.  As an Ernst & Young manager and Management Consultant, JC Rodgers introduces businesses to new ways of thinking and operating.  This includes, but is not limited to, defining a clear purpose of the venture’s future, accelerating initiatives, disrupting and creating like a startup, strategy planning and embracing transformation as a whole.