13 Jul 2024

JC Rodgers

JC Rodgers is a Nonprofit Advancement Executive focused on building sustainable and powerful fundraising infrastructure.

JC RodgersComplemented by challenge, JC Rodgers is known for taking tasks head-on in the nonprofit sector.  In her Fundraising Counsel work, the Nonprofit Advancement Executive appreciates any opportunity to tackle the task in an inventive and innovative way.  Throughout her career, she has become renowned in the nonprofit sector for building fundraising infrastructure with emphasis on strategies that take the long term into account.  She fully understands and embraces the value of gift giving and fundraising for nonprofits.  In particular, Rodgers is dedicated to ensuring that the very foundation of a nonprofit’s fundraising infrastructure is solid and withstanding.  Afterall, gift giving is the foundation of any nonprofit’s impact!  Starting at the bones, Rodgers crafts critical and effective strategies that not only work for now, but for the long haul.  Dynamically qualified, JC Rodgers also provides crucial Management Consulting services as an Ernst & Young Manager. 

Education & Training

Although JC Rodgers cites her professional experiences as the backbone of her expertise, her education and training largely set the foundation for her career. Rodgers proudly maintains a Bachelor of Arts in International Politics from Westminster College and a Master of Arts in International Affairs from American University.  Combined, these degrees offer Rodgers indispensable insight which has largely shaped her consistent focus on the bigger picture.  In 2010, Rodgers also completed a Leadership Certificate via Leadership Champaign County.  

Art & Culture Enthusiast 

Forever drawn to the more creative and colorful aspects of life, JC Rodgers is a creative, deep down.  When possible, she enjoys intertwining her love of art and culture with her work as a Nonprofit Advancement Executive.  The expressive nature of creating works of art offers invaluable motivation and inspiration.  With this in mind, Rodgers infuses a touch of creativity at the core of her approaches.  In the future, she hopes to become more directly involved with nonprofit organizations and charitable programs that use artistic expression to positively impact others.

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JC Rodgers’s Top 5 Art Podcasts 

Seeking some artistic inspiration during the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic? JC Rodgers recommends that you give one of these art podcasts a listen! Talk Art This London-based podcast is run by art collectors and gallerists, Russell Tovey and Robert Diament.  Together, the pair host…